Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Dynver doesnt like medicine..she has rarely been sick so she doesnt have medicines she takes..unless it's antibiotics..(which to me are yummy..I wish they made adult meds taste that yummy! Lol). When we were in the first ER..they gave me a tube w meds in it..she wouldnt take it..finally got it in her mouth she asked for water..I gave her some and she spit the meds in the water!! Then proceeds to say 'mom that's nasty! I dont like nasty meds!' to remind u tho..she was in more pain than she was letting on she has a high tolerance of pain..which is very good. :) when they tried to get a strep test she refused to open her the point of clamping down onto anything that entered her mouth..the tongue depressed, fingers tho. She is on Hydrocodone liquid 7.5 &Iv gone&mixed it w 20ml juicy juice&her 5ml of meds(dr said it can b added into juice(just make sure not a huge glass) I call it her 'special juice' Sun she took it every 4-6hrs,Mon she asked for it twice,Tues she had none&today none. Healing wel

Appendicitis continued V

them. Lol. At 11:20am they took her back for surgery..she cried hard as we went the opposite direction saying 'mommy I need u,mommy I want u to come w me'...broke my heart..was upset coz the 'happy juice' didnt seem to work on her anxiety which it was supposed to. We waited in the waiting rm til almost scared cause they said it would be 20-30mins for the surgery..when the Dr Jenson(surgeon) came in,he said 'it was definitely appendicitis,it had to be removed,but it hadnt ruptured'. was very thankful for that! Dynver and I stayed in the hosp over night and came home the nxt day..cant go back to schl for a wk and healing process for 5wks,no travelling far,no heavy lifting and taking it easy. Im just thankful it's over!I just wonder what NEXT?!? Plus really irritated w drs who dont listen to 'mother's intuition' coz we dont have PHD's. *sigh*

Appendicitis continued IV

Put her on the heart monitor and gave her morphine for her pain. We arrived at the Knoxville Children's Hosp ER at 4:30am..and had to wait for Dynver's cardiologist to get there and the surgeon..they had her on a regime of antibiotics in case the appendix ruptured and pain meds..we got into a rm around 7am..Dad,Mom and Matt showed up around 10am..Dad and Mom bought Dynver a teddy bear for her(which went into surgery with her and she hasnt parted with it since)we headed back to the rm where they gave Dynver 'happy juice'(supposed to keep her calm when they take her to surgery and we go the opposite direction to wait in the waiting rm)Pastor Walden came in and prayed over her and went to waiting rm to wait with us..while on 'happy juice' Dynver was telling the nurses everything about our dog 'Bella' who died..and then she kept sayn'Im hungry' mind you it was since 6:30pm nite before that she ate and close to lunch now. So mom and I were naming off food she didnt like and normally would say 'yuck or nasty' to

Appendicitis continued III

@2:15 am..we took Dynver for her CT..she hated the CT...and her IV(which they put in her arm not her hand)was burning as they put the liquid in for the scan..went back to the hosp bed which by now was in the hall..coz the dr didnt think Dynver was critical anymore..and needed the rms for other critical she was off the IV fluids and heart monitor. Took the results all of 20mins to get back..the dr comes up from behind me and pats me on the shoulder and says 'good call mom..u were persistant..she has appendicitis,we are sending her by ambulance to the Knoxville Children's Hosp to have it removed today we cant do that here for children'. I was in shock and relieved at the same time..shocked I was right all along and relieved cause my lil one was going to get the help she needed finally and I wasnt going to be looked at by the nurses like a psycho mom who was persuing a wrong diagnosis..the nurses and doctors looked at me differently after that..they hooked Dynver back up to IV fluids and antibiotics

Appendicitis continued

He tapped on the bottom of her rt foot and now reaction from no amount of arguing with him that when I had appendicitis..I wasnt in pain the whole time and that mine was about to rupture when it was caught. He kept saying 'she's not in pain all the time,she doesnt have a fever,and it looks like either poss pneumonia or bronchitis' he strtd treating her for the sickness and didnt order the CT..they strted the discharge papers @2am Fri morn. I went to get Dynver out of the hospital bed having her sit up and she screams! I had enough of the DR saying what it wasnt when it was obvious..I laid her back down in the bed and went looking for the Dr..I found him..he still argued w me that it wasnt possible..and he used money examples of what a CT costs compared to an xray..400 xrays is the cost of one CT. Finally after much arguing that I wanted the CT..even if it was to prove me wrong..he said 'ok I'll order..but Im telling you my gut says it's not appendicitis and my guts never been wrong'.


This is something I never thot we would encounter til our kids were older. Sadly that wasnt so. Dynver complained of major stomache pain when she got home from afterschool (6:30)on Thursday nite..she was laying on our bed and she couldnt move.I went in and checked her temp and it was normal,but when I tried picking her up she screamed bloody murder. It took but a sec to realize my lil one was experiencing pain cause of her appendix..aftr pressing down on her stomach and letting up..poor lil one was miserable. Took Dynver to the hosp @7:30pm. The nurse had to put an IV in Dynver and promised it wouldnt hurt,let her hold the catheter and the tube of meds..when the nurse went to put it in vein rolled and had to strt all over..Dynver didnt trust the nurse after that..and xray was sched..came back showing a line on her lung which the dr said was prob why she was in pain(poss pneumonia) he said it's not possible she has appendicitis cause she is able to sleep peacefully and not in pain when she's laying down..

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Quick update

Again it's been a long time..about a yr since Iv been on here..The last blog was when Matt went to AR w his bff..sadly n a yrs time..the bff was killed n a car accident (a month and a half ago) Matt has taken his death really hard..needs lots of prayers. Children are growing fast..Cameron has turned 9yrs and still into gameboy games..he has been thot of having APD..waiting on the test results. Sierra is 8yrs old..and stand a head and a half taller than Cameron(which he hates)she is into listening to her mp3 and drawing.Gavin will b 7 nxt month,he is still into matchbox cars and destroying things. Dynver my baby will b 6 in hard to believe..she has adjusted well to the leg brace and moves around w minimal probs(she still falls quite a bit) All the children are doing pretty well in schl..Sierra was having a bit of prob w reading but she seems to have gotten the hang of it. :) Gavin and Dynver r reading..I cant even spell things around any of the kids cause they will sit and sound it out. LOL