Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Dynver doesnt like medicine..she has rarely been sick so she doesnt have medicines she takes..unless it's antibiotics..(which to me are yummy..I wish they made adult meds taste that yummy! Lol). When we were in the first ER..they gave me a tube w meds in it..she wouldnt take it..finally got it in her mouth she asked for water..I gave her some and she spit the meds in the water!! Then proceeds to say 'mom that's nasty! I dont like nasty meds!' to remind u tho..she was in more pain than she was letting on she has a high tolerance of pain..which is very good. :) when they tried to get a strep test she refused to open her the point of clamping down onto anything that entered her mouth..the tongue depressed, fingers tho. She is on Hydrocodone liquid 7.5 &Iv gone&mixed it w 20ml juicy juice&her 5ml of meds(dr said it can b added into juice(just make sure not a huge glass) I call it her 'special juice' Sun she took it every 4-6hrs,Mon she asked for it twice,Tues she had none&today none. Healing wel

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